La Paolo Semeraro 1960 rappresenta una realta’ italiana nel panorama delle aziende tessili manifatturiere, dove il suo fondatore Paolo Semeraro, è ancora elemento fondamentale dell’attività’ stessa, mettendo a disposizione dei figli l’enorme bagaglio di esperienza maturata nel corso della sua lunga esperienza...

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We guarantee 100% authenticity of ‘Made in Italy’.


We guarantee 100% authenticity of ‘Made in Italy’.


The Paolo Semeraro brand is an inspired vision of making an artisan and unique product, combined with a precise approach of development,
inspired by the added value of Italian style.
The brand was founded through the family passion for fashion as a unique statement, as well as clothes as a personal and emotional identity.
‘Made In Italy’ is a fundamental value, expressed through dedication to the craft and in the meticulous attention to detail.
The style of craftsmanship pervades collections made with innovation without neglecting class, and the design of details characterized by perfect imperfection.


The Company

Paolo Semeraro 1960 represents an Italian reality in the panorama of textile manufacturing companies, its founder Paolo Semeraro, thanks to his
enormous passion for life in a company that over the decades has come to become a point of reference for ‘Made in Italy’.

Today Giuseppe Semeraro is the worthy heir, making a wealth of experience available which he gained alongside his father.
An innovative spirit both from a stylistic and a technological point of view, however, faithful to the founding elements
of the business, which is inspired by the artisan origins, updated with raw materials of the highest quality and technologies of our time.