La Paolo Semeraro 1960 rappresenta una realta’ italiana nel panorama delle aziende tessili manifatturiere, dove il suo fondatore Paolo Semeraro, è ancora elemento fondamentale dell’attività’ stessa, mettendo a disposizione dei figli l’enorme bagaglio di esperienza maturata nel corso della sua lunga esperienza...

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Tailor made

We guarantee 100% authenticity of ‘Made in Italy’.

Tailored suits

The craftsmanship of a Paolo Semeraro suit has always been the value for true ‘Made in Italy’; since 1960 our family has run an entrepreneurial business dictated by an ethic in work and in life.

Our philosophy is built around this concept:
“A piece of work must last and ensure a life-time of happiness”
We believe in the intrinsic value of the object, giving fashion the exact relevance for a self-confident experience.
This has always inspired us. Our Made to Measure Tailoring takes you back to the time of tailors, when buying a suit was a pleasant way to spend some time, get to know and choose the best fabrics, decide the combinations for your own items of clothing and share your needs and tastes with your tailor.

Paolo Semeraro offers a custom-made tailoring service at his headquarters in Locorotondo.
Giuseppe Semeraro will welcome you personally and take care of explaining the possibilities of meeting your wishes and needs for perfect and exclusive custom clothing.

The wealth of experience and high quality of fabrics make the exclusive clothing of Paolo Semeraro unique, all of this is possible thanks to the great sartorial passion of the Semeraro family.

abito su misura

A quality tailored suit cannot overlook the cut, the model, the fabrics or the way in which it is made.
Our clothes are manufactured using the most ancient techniques of sewing, for example semi-interfaced or interfaced work.
Not many people now resort to this technique that requires great experience and a lot of manual skills.
You can see finished items which will give you ideas for your own tailored suit. These samples will have different wearability, to give you the opportunity to feel comfortable with how a garment feels when you try it on and begin to imagine how the tailor-made end product will be.

Together when you are measured, you can decide on the characteristics of the suit: two or three buttons, with peaked or classic lapels, one or two slits, lined or semi-lined. The interfaced jacket is made with natural materials, based on horsehair or camel hair, also called canvas.

Whoever wears an interfaced jacket, will feel it fit perfectly to the body, ensuring equilibrium of balance and the shape of the jacket over time.
The tailor’s ability is to know the needs of his client in order to create a suit that reflects his personality.
A fundamental element in the production phase of a tailored suit is the preferences of the wearer, the tailor must know and satisfy the physicality and taste of the customer to obtain the best result that lasts over time.

abito su misura
abito su misura
abito su misura